Always Start With What You Like (It’s a Confidence Game Changer)

Robin Sacks
3 min readJun 25, 2022
Image by Mark Mook from Pixabay

As a coach, I’m not only interested in what you would like to shift or improve, but also in reminding you what you already do well.

You are already good at what you do! (HINT: If you weren’t, you would not be getting a paycheck to do it or you would not be in the role you are currently in.)

It’s human nature to skip over all the things we’re good at and jump right to the things we don’t like about ourselves. But once you’re aware you do that, you can make a little shift that has a big impact.

Want to know how to build your confidence level quickly? Start with what you like.

Any time you catch yourself putting yourself down, doubting yourself, questioning yourself or letting that critical self-talk voice in your head tell you that you are ‘less than,’ do this:

1. Stop

2. Acknowledge the thought (ONLY if it’s TRUE)

3. Remind yourself of something you do well

Here’s an example:

You have this thought: I’m not prepared to present this material today. I didn’t have time to write it out or practice. It’s going to sound like I’m winging it and it’s not going to look or sound professional.



Robin Sacks

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